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What is the Best Doctors Program?

Nothing matters more than your health and the health of your family.  That is why the High Desert & Inland Employee-Employer Trust (HDIEET) is pleased to offer Best Doctors.  Best Doctors is a virtual service for expert second opinions from some of the best medical minds in the world.  Best Doctors is available at no cost to you and your family members enrolled in any Aetna or Kaiser medical plan.  Best Doctors’ services are completely confidential – HDIEET, your medical plan carrier, nor your physician are ever aware of your call.

When should I use Best Doctors?

Call Best Doctors for…

An expert second opinion if you:
  • Have questions about your medical diagnosis or treatment plan
  • Are unsure if surgery or a medical procedure is necessary
  • Are confused about a diagnosis
  • Notice your current treatment not improving your condition
Critical Care Support when:
  • You experience an emergency and have been admitted to a hospital
  • You need urgent advice on a medical decision while hospitalized
  • Have a baby admitted to NICU
Ask the expert when you:
  • Have general medical questions
  • Want to know if a procedure is right for certain medical conditions
  • Are worried about the medications you are taking
Find a Best Doctor service when you:
  • Are new to an area and need to find a family doctor
  • Want to consult with a leading specialist

**PLEASE NOTE:  Members should verify with Aetna if the physician is in-network as network status can change at any given time.**

Best Doctors can help you make the right decisions about your treatment, give you peace of mind, and improve the quality of care you receive.

To get started, call 866-904-0910 or visit members.bestdoctors.com.

To learn more about Best Doctors, view their animated video here:
–  http://www.bestdoctors.com/about-best-doctors

To start your case online, visit Best Doctors Member Connect by clicking here:
–  https://members.bestdoctors.com/Login.aspx

Still unsure how Best Doctors (now part of Teladoc) can help?
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