A comprehensive eye exam is an integral part of an overall wellness program. People often overlook or neglect their vision not thinking about the overall affect their sight has on their overall health.  MESVision doctors help preserve the precious gift of sight and we are here to help you.

MESVision doctors can also help detect early markers for several disease states that can impact the overall health and wellness of the body such as: Cancer, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Glaucoma, High Blood Pressure (just to name a few).

MESVision Network includes over 6,681 Participating Providers which include:
–Independent Ophthalmologists (MD)
–Independent Optometrists (OD)
–Independent Opticians (OPT)
–Online Optical (MESVisionOptics)
–Optical Retail Chain Locations

For more information on MESVision and to search for providers, please visit

The High Desert & Inland Employee-Employer Trust is proud to offer MESVision to our member school districts.