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The High Desert & Inland Employee – Employer Trust is proud to offer 5 Kaiser Permanente plans to California school districts.

HDIEET – KP Plan 1
HDIEET – KP Plan 2
HDIEET – KP Plan 3
HDIEET – KP Plan 4
HDIEET – KP Plan 5
HDIEET – KP Plan 6 (Bridge)

HDIEET – KP Chiropractic

**Important – Prescriptions**

Prescription transfers for new KP members:

  • Members will need to take in prescription to a KP pharmacy for a courtesy refill until member sees a physician.
  • It is recommended for new members to establish a primary care physician.
  • Set appointment to see primary care physician to continue prescription regimen.
  • For Medical Transition Assistance, please call (888) 956-1616.

Out of State: 

Due to differing requirements across the country for out-of-state pharmacy shipments, Kaiser Permanente can no longer mail prescription to many states from the California and Mid-Atlantic states mail order facilities.  Please review the flyer below for alternate Out of Stat Prescription Refills.
     KP Mail Order Shipping Policy

**Kaiser FAQ**

Kaiser Permanente invites you to take an active role in improving your health with free, customized programs designed to help you succeed in creating a healthier lifestyle.  These programs are brought to you in collaboration with HealthMedia®, and focus on your total health-mind, body, and spirit.

Below are several Kaiser program flyers that provide valuable information about the many features and services included for Kaiser members:

My Health Manager

My Health Manager is your secure, one-stop resource that helps you stay connected to your health care team from the convenience of your computer, 24 hours a day.

KP Mobile App

Use the convenient features of My Health Manager right from your smartphone or other mobile device.

Advice Nurse

Kaiser Permanente advice nurses are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to get you the advice you need.

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

Kaiser Permanente invites you to take an active role in improving your health with free, customized online programs designed to help you succeed in creating a healthier lifestyle. These programs are brought to you in collaboration with HealthMedia®, and focus on your total health—mind, body, and spirit. They’ll help you evaluate your daily routines and discover what steps you can take to get your life headed in a healthier direction.

Emergency Services Vs Urgent Care

Not sure it’s an emergency? Kaiser can help you decide what to do and where to go.

Mental Health & Wellness Services

Your mind and body are connected.  And your thoughts, feelings, and actions affect your overall well-being.  Kaiser Permanente is committed to helping you achieve and maintain optimal mental, physical, and emotional health.

Right Time Right Care
Telephone Appointments

No matter what life throws your way, Kaiser can help you connect with the care you need.  Call or email 24/7, make a phone or video appointment, or visit in person to get many services under one roof.